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Visiting the Country

Discover Saudi Arabia, and explore the beauty and diversity of its most fascinating places. This is the land of generosity and kindness, and we invite you to experience the country and its people. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is largely known for its desert environment. Although desert represents bulk of the vast area, its geographic terrain is rich in diversity. There are mountains, plains and plateaus, and long coastline along the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf. There are oases dotting the desert, gushing springs in the mountains, coral islands around its seas. Sprawling countryside with date orchards border Kingdom’s cities and towns. Such a diversity in due time, has generated a growing interest in tourism in Saudi Arabia, both in the people from outside the Kingdom and the local residents, who frequent these locations to enjoy the rich diversity.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has an area of about 2,149,690 (≈ 2.15 million) square kilometers. Its population in 2011 had reached 28,376,355. Occupying 80% of the Arabian Peninsula it lies between latitude 16° and 33° North, and longitude 34° and 56° East.

For more information on discovering Saudi Arabia first-hand, please visit the official Saudi Arabia tourism website. Here you will find a practical guide on how to plan your travel to the Kingdom, as well a wealth of information on the culture, history and unique landscape of our country.

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