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Ministry Addresses

Telephone codes for major cities: Riyadh (11); Jeddah, Makkah, Taif (12); Dammam, Dhahran, Jubail, Hofuf (13); Yanbu, Tabuk, Madinah (14); Hail, Qasim (16); Abha, Najran (17).

Prime Minister
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques

King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud
Riyadh, Royal Court: 11-488-2222
Jeddah: 12-665-4233
Taif: 12-736-5200
Makkah: 12-823-4111
Madinah: 14-857-2500

Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture
Airport Road, Riyadh 11195
TEL : 11-401-6666 FAX : 11-403-1415
Jeddah Office TEL: 12-687-6022
web site:

Manages the implementation of economic programs for agriculture development, locust control, and the conservation of fisheries and animal resources.

Ministry of Civil Service
Washem Street, PO Box 18367, Riyadh 11114
TEL : 11-402-6900/11-402-6934 FAX : 11-403-4998

Oversees staffing policies throughout the public services, including recruitment and training programs.

Ministry of Commerce and Investment
PO Box 1774, Airport Road, Riyadh 11162
TEL : 11-401-2220/1-401-4708 FAX : 11-403-8421
Jeddah Office TEL: 12-687-3400

Controls foodstuff quality, labelling and standards, consumer protection, company and commercial agents’ registration.

PO Box 5729, Riyadh 11127 (Omar bin Al-Khatab Road; N. of Rail Station)
TEL : 11-477-2722/11-477-6666 FAX : 11-477-5451
Jeddah Office TEL: 12-687-1784

Oversees infrastructure development, foreign capital investment, industrial licensing, national industry, the industrial cities and SABIC.

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
Intercontinental Road, Riyadh 11112
TEL : 1-463-7225 FAX : 1-405-2310
Jeddah Office TEL: 2-665-1323

Oversees telecommunications and postal services.

Ministry of Culture and Information
Nasseriya Street, Riyadh 11161
TEL : 11-401-4440/11-401-3440 FAX : 11-402-3570
Jeddah Office TEL: 12-644-5222
web site:

Supervises television and radio, licensing of print media, relations with foreign press, antiquities and museums.

Ministry of Defense
Airport Road, Riyadh 11165
TEL : 11-478-5900/11-477-7313 FAX: 11-401-1336

Jeddah Office TEL: 12-665-2400
Web site:

Oversees the armed forces and military bases.

Ministry of Education
Airport Road, Riyadh 11148
TEL : 11-404-2888/11-404-2952 FAX : 11-401-2365
Jeddah Office TEL: 2-643-4682
web site:

Provides free education to at all; supervises public universities and institutes of higher learning, and programs for the disabled. 

Ministry of Finance
Airport Road, Riyadh 11177
TEL : 11-405-0000/1-405-0080 FAX :11-405-9202
Jeddah Office TEL: 2-665-5994
web site

Oversees government finance, including budgeting and expenditure of all ministries and agencies; controls national economic growth, Zakat, income tax, and customs.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Nasseriya Street, Riyadh 11124
TEL: 11-406-7777/11-441-6836 FAX: 11-403-0159
Jeddah Office TEL: 12-669-0900
web site

Oversees political, cultural and financial international relations; monitors diplomatic relations.

Ministry of Hajj and Umrah
Omar Bin Al-Khatab Street, Riyadh 11183
TEL : 11-402-2200/11-402-2212 FAX : 11-402-2555
Jeddah Office TEL: 12-667-3944
web site:

Provides facilities for Hajj and Umrah to Makkah and Madinah.

Ministry of Health
Airport Road, Riyadh 11176
TEL : 11-401-2220/11-401-2392 FAX : 11-402-9876
Jeddah Office TEL: 12-665-4066
web site

Supervises health care and hospitals.

Ministry of Interior
PO Box 2933, Riyadh 11134
TEL : 11-401-1944 FAX : 11-403-1185
Jeddah Office TEL: 12-687-232
web site:

Oversees public security, coastguards, civil defence, fire stations, border police, and special security and investigative functions, including criminal investigation.

Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance
King Abdulaziz Street, Riyadh 11232
TEL:  11-473-0401
Fax   11-477-2938 / 11-291-0426
web site:

Administers land controlled by the religious trust and oversees all Islamic affairs.

Ministry of Justice
University Street, Riyadh 11137
TEL : 11-405-7777/11-405-5399
Jeddah Office TEL: 2-665-0857
web site:

Oversees administration of Shari’ah Law and provides legal services for all citizens.

Ministry of Labour and Social Development
Omar Bin Al-Khatab Street, Riyadh 11157
TEL : 11-477-1480/11-478-7166 FAX : 11-477-7336
Jeddah Office TEL: 2-642-4626
web site:

Supervises labour relations, manpower planning and employment situation; issues work visas; monitors labour disputes, inspections and health safety; and provides vocational and on-the-job training for the disabled.

Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs
Nasseriya Street, Riyadh 11136
TEL : 11-441-5434
Jeddah Office TEL: 12-667-4387

Housing and public works:
Washem St., Riyadh 11151
TEL : 11-402-2268/ 11-402-2036

FAX : (Public works) 11-402-2723 (Housing) 11-406-7376
Jeddah Office TEL: 12-665-1323

Supervises administration of municipalities, maintenance of municipal services, planning of cities and towns, and development of roads and basic infrastructure.

Ministry of the National Guard
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
TEL:  11-491-2222

Western Region: 12-671-1334
Eastern Region: 13-858-0000
Yanbu 14-322-9208
Najran 71-544-1036
Hail 16-532-1190
Arar 14-662-5772
Rafah 14-676-0003

Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources
PO Box 757, Airport Road, Riyadh 11189
TEL : 11-478-1661/11-478-1133 FAX : 11-479-3596
Jeddah Office TEL: 12-643-3133
web site

Administers petroleum, natural gas, and mineral resources, including oil refineries.

Ministry of Planning and National Economy
PO Box 1358, University Street, Riyadh 11183
TEL : 11-402-3562/11-401-3333
Jeddah Office TEL: 12-665-1366
web site:

Oversees national planning, Central Department of Statistics and the National Computer Centre

Ministry of Transport
Airport Road, Riyadh 11178
TEL: 11-404-2928/11-404-3000 FAX: 11-403-1401
Jeddah Office TEL: 12-665-1511

Controls construction and maintenance of road network, and coordinates surface transport (rail and bus systems).

Ministry of Water and Electricity
Airport Road, Riyadh 11195
TEL : 11-401-6666 FAX : 11-403-1415

Jeddah Office TEL: 12-687-6022
web site:

Manages water development, including power generation, desalination, and irrigation.

Ministry of Housing

Responsibility over the construction of residential property and home loans.