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Humanitarian Relief


Srca-logoDuring 2015, in response to the ongoing conflict in Syria, the Saudi Red Crescent Authority, the country’s primary humanitarian arm, intensified its aid to Syrians in the neediest areas – both the hopeless displaced people who are stuck in their home towns or remote and border towns, and refugees in Syria’s neighbouring countries.

Successive relief truck convoys were dispatched regularly and distributed fairly according to international humanitarian standards through Turkey’s border crossings (Bab Al-Hawa, Bab Al-Salama, and others). This strategy is adopted by Saudi Arabian relief experts to ensure safer and easier flow of aid to as many beneficiaries as possible, in parallel with fellow local charities providing aid from neighbouring countries.

The total value of projects and activities conducted during 2015 amounted to SAR 200 million (€47.1 million) worth of diverse in-kind aid for 2,830,000 beneficiaries.

Table Showing Detailed Projects and Activities of 2015


Project Cost (SAR) Beneficiaries

Time of Execution

Project/Response Description
1 7,500 tons of flour, 4,500 tons of food 35,000,000 800,000






250 tons per week
2 Tents, mattresses, carpets, blankets, pillows 10,000,000 800,000 50 tons per week
3 19,000 heaters, 12,000 tons of coal 3,500,000 150,000 Over one month, early in winter
4 Family medical packages, hygiene kits, infant formula 1,200,000 280,000 50 tons per month

School equipment, bags



Beginning of academic year

First aid kits, medical consumables, medications, vaccines

2,000,000 500,000

Four batches

7 250 makeshift toilets, sanitation



For more details, please consult the latest report on aid provided for Syrians by GCC Red Crescent Societies