Saudi Arabia Fighting Terrorism on All Fronts

Addressing the 71st session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Naif, Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, told today that defeating terrorism is a priority for Saudi Arabia, which “has been among the primary victims of terrorism” going back many years.

Prince Mohammad said that the Kingdom has been the target of more than 100 terrorist operations since 1992, “including 18 carried out by elements with links to ‘a regional country.’”

The Crown Prince said that the Kingdom has “exerted strenuous efforts…to bring about peace and lay the foundations for security and stability since joining the organization, not just in our region, but also all over the world.”

“Saudi security apparatuses have also managed to detect 268 terrorist operations and thwarted them before they took place,” he said.

Prince Mohammad cited specifically the laws, regulations and other measures the Kingdom has enacted to criminalize the support and financing of acts of terrorism and “signed on to more than 12 international [counter terrorism] agreements.”

Prince Mohammad highlighted the Kingdom’s role in the formation of the multi-country Islamic Military Alliance to combat terrorism as well as the agreement Saudi Arabia signed with the U.S. to launch the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Center and the Kingdom’s pledge of $110 million to the center to help build its capabilities and effectiveness in helping countries combat terrorism.

Prince Mohammad also called for an end of Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, condemning Israel’s “acts of aggression.”

The Crown Prince told the General Assembly that the Kingdom fully supports reaching a political solution in Yemen.

Prince Mohammad called for an end to the fighting in Syria and renewed efforts to find a political solution to the crisis according to the decisions of Geneva 1. Saudi Arabia has provided shelter for hundreds of thousands of Syrian people since the beginning of the crisis, including free health care, and access to the labor market and education.

Turning to Iran, Prince Mohammad said Saudi Arabia called on Iran to “build relations with its neighbors on the basis of the principles of good neighborliness and non-interference in the internal affairs of other states.”

  • September 22, 2016