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KSA Mission Newsletter April 2017

Read the April edition of Saudi Arabia in Focus, the regular update from the Saudi mission to the EU for updates on

  • The Kingdom’s additional support to its Yemeni brothers with a donation of €138m
  • Recent Saudi Arabia – Russia exchanges on the situation in Syria
  • Saudi-US ties in the fight against terrorism
  • Saudi women in the spotlight
  • Progress on Vision 2030

Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman visited the United States this month accompanied by a large delegation including the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Energy, the Minister of Trade and Investment and the Minister of Culture and Information, as well as officials. The aim of the visit was to reinforce the historic and strategic relationship between the Kingdom and the US, and to exchange views and ideas on issues of the day, and on challenges that the two countries face in the region and in the world.

The Prince held a series of meetings with President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, a bipartisan delegation of legislators from the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, as well as business leaders from the private sector.

The President and the Deputy Crown Prince discussed themes of  security cooperation and economic reform. President Obama expressed appreciation for Saudi Arabia’s contributions to the campaign against ISIL. On Syria, they reaffirmed the importance of supporting the cessation of hostilities and a political transition away from Assad. The President and Deputy Crown Prince also agreed to build support for Libya’s Government of National Accord.

With regard to Yemen, the President welcomed Saudi Arabia’s commitment to concluding a political settlement of the conflict and of GCC support to address urgent humanitarian needs and to rebuild the country.

The timing of the visit by the Deputy Crown Prince was significant because it follows the announcement of Saudi Vision 2030, an economic roadmap built around three primary themes: a vibrant society, a thriving economy and an ambitious nation. President Obama commended the Deputy Crown Prince’s commitment to reforming Saudi Arabia’s economy and underscored strong US support for achieving the recently-announced Vision 2030 goals, reaffirming the strategic partnership between the US and Saudi Arabia.