Saudi Arabia condemns ongoing Iranian regional interference and aggression

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia expresses its growing concern about Iran, its increasingly aggressive approach in the region and interference in the internal affairs of Arab states. These regrettable actions have, in turn, led to a climate of tension and instability in the Middle East.

The chaos and instability at hand in Yemen is the direct result of Iran’s blatant intrusion in internal Yemeni affairs. It seems that Tehran is aiming to undermine Yemen’s security and stability, stoke sectarian divisions and thwart international efforts seeking to achieve a peaceful settlement of the Yemeni crisis in accordance with the UN Security Council’s Decision 2216 (2015).

It is regrettable that the regime in Iran continues to support the Houthi rebels by providing them with arms, missiles (Iranian made Zelzal-3) and military expertise (IRGC-Hezbollah), all of which contribute to the worrying regional instability and protract the misery of the Yemeni people. The rebel attacks on Saudi Arabia’s borders and the firing of missiles on its cities could not have been carried out without the express support and encouragement of the Iranian regime whose actions have only emboldened the rebels who now threaten regional and international security.

On 27 October, the command of the coalition forces supporting the legitimate government in Yemen announced that a ballistic missile fired on Makkah had been  launched by Iranian-backed Houthi militia. Fortunately, Saudi air defence was able to intercept the missile about 65 km from the holy city.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia therefore reaffirms its right to safeguard its sovereignty and security, and calls on the international community to assume its responsibility to condemn the conduct of the Iranian regime, and in particular its interference in its internal affairs.

  • November 9, 2016