Islamic Military Alliance hold first meeting in Saudi Arabia

The first meeting of the Islamic Military Alliance to combat terrorism was held in Riyadh today. Military chiefs from the member states vowed to “dry up terrorists’ resources.”

Brig. Gen. Ahmed Asiri, spokesman for the alliance, said the representatives of the 34-country Islamic alliance discussed a unified strategy to degrade terrorism. Ideological, media, financial and military aspects to combat terrorism were discussed.

“Today’s meeting is to put the foundation stone for the coalition,” he said. “Today we did not discuss any individual cases.” However, Gen. Asiri said “Saudi Arabia has presented a paper to follow the resources of terrorism funding.”

He also said the attendance of 39 Muslim nations, not all of which were members of the coalition, “sends a strong message on importance and nature of the alliance,” adding that such force is needed in the face of “ISIS recreating Muslims and Arabs to put them in confrontation with the world.”

Gen. Asiri emphasized that the coalition will work according to “international law and standards,” dismissing that any country would take a unilateral decision. “Sovereignty is respected,” he reiterated.

  • March 27, 2016